Born in 1967 in Udine, Italy, and raised in Florence were he lives and works. Piussi’s work is shaped on the early renaissance art clarity of intent, where images would be a substitute to the written word in a world where literacy was scarce. Snapshots of a world reduced to it’s essence; the apparently comic-book stile has echoes of Giotto: rather than mimicking the appearance of nature, there’s a reach for its essence, shorn of distracting details. Woman stand on the shore of quintessential peaceful seas, self contained, at ease, unwitting replicas of classical goddesses. An ideal world that can be found below everyday events, a step outside the flow of time, yet still part of contemporary life. The drama, the lack thereof, is played out in simplified, almost abstract spaces. Bathers lounge in windless shores, glide like patterns through pools, woman sit in idealized middle class interiors, their bodies composed and self-aware.